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You MUST have an active and approved Volusia County School volunteer application on file AND
complete the Volunteer Orientation Session at Pathways Elementary BEFORE you can volunteer.

How Do I Apply To Volunteer?

How Do I Register for Volunteer Orientation?

  • The Volunteer Orientation/Training session has  
    been recorded and you can access it

  • For additional information, you can contact Shelley Keech, 1st Vice President & Volunteer Coordinator by sending email to

Why Should I Volunteer?
Volunteering at your child's campus may be one of the most
important things you can ever do for your child.  It sends a clear
message to them (and to their classmates) that you are devoting your most precious resource - YOUR TIME - to supporting them with their educational needs.  The teachers and staff who nurture your child(ren) everyday need your helping hands and smiling face to lighten the load by giving them more time in the classroom.  The number one reason people do not volunteer is because no one asked them.  Well, we are asking YOU to get involved!  


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